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UBOC Spring Concert -- March 24, 2018

Our Mission

The Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus fosters growth of the arts in the community through high-quality musical performances.

Our Vision

The Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus is a premier musical organization in the Uintah Basin.  The professional concerts are directed by national and international acclaimed directors with the purpose to enhance the lives of the community.


General Information

The Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus was founded in the fall of 2013 by Dr. Boyd Edwards and Dr. James M. Bankhead.  The current president is Debbie Spafford with Dr. James M Bankhead the artistic director.  The chorus and orchestra are overseen by a Board of Directors composed of community, choir, and orchestra members.
  The Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus includes a 60 member orchestra and a 130 member chorus. A Christmas Concert and Spring Concert thrills audiences every year.

Board Members

Debbie Spafford, Chair
Shanna Wheeler, Secretary
Dennis Garner, Vice Chair
T.J. Batty, Treasurer
Susan Anthon
James M. Bankhead
Helen Berrett
Dee Collett
Jennifer Curtis
Ronda Dennis
Diana Eddington
Boyd Edwards
Lynna Kendall
Dan Sam
Kevin Van Tassell

Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus
General Contact:
Debbie Spafford Director
Shanna Wheeler Secretary